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Dystopian Series

Tessa is no chosen one. She will not raise the Tower. She will not destroy the system that is slowly suffocating her. In a society where conversations have many layers and where there are eyes everywhere, Tessa will make unfortunate choices.

In a five-part series, she will fall trying to find the truth. The truth will ensnare her. The young woman will die, but what will rise in her place?

She will fight the law. The law will remain. 

But remain as what is the question.

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Work in Progress

Demon Hunter Series

Mae Louise Bell is no ordinary apothecary nestled in the small affluent suburban town in Western Pennsylvania, Whiskey Runner. To look at her, you'd dismiss her as any middle-aged, plump new-ager healer.


In her subbasement, below the second floor healing center and spa, the street level apothecary, the basement store room, is her second clinic and workshop. That's where she keeps the ailing demons and other creatures from beyond the Veil.

Some of the creatures that go bump in the night are just lost and want to go home, so Mae Louise helps them do that. For those who are more malevolent, she takes care of them accordingly. Unlike Henry and the demon hunting nimrods who shoot first and never ask questions, Mae Louise and her friends take a more elegant and nuanced approach to demon hunting and dispatch. Sometimes Mae Louise and her friends will feed them and sometimes they will take care of the demons.

In the first of the series, Care and Feeding of Demons, you will meet Mae Louise and her friends Paige and Meadow. Paige is the papyrus page from a Sekhmet, goddess of healing, spell come to life. Meadow was once a lost fairy who was on the run. We still haven't figured out what, and Meadow can't remember. 

To look at Mae Louise is to underestimate her. Henry did that once. 

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